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20 Jan 2017

I really love these gems. They have done wonders to my skin. I will keep on ordering them. ????

By Claudia
20 Oct 2016

I'm glad to see that there's a space for customer reviews here and hope others will use this to share their experiences. I read about the face gems in an online article on natural beauty and was immediately psyched. I have been struggling with adult acne for about a year and a half and also have been seeking nontoxic products, so needless to say I've tried a ton of stuff and it's been a whole lot of trial and error. Almost every liquid cleanser I've tried during this time has broken me out either immediately or down the line, due to them having soap that was messing with my ph, ingredients that were natural but too harsh for my skin (ie tea tree), or oils that despite being fairly noncomedogenic still didn't work well with my skin. anyway, the only thing that seemed to calm down and exfoliate my skin well was chickpea flour, but it honestly just wasn't washing it quite enough so I still had to use either hemp oil or a not-so-great liquid face wash once a week or so. also as a side note, an elimination diet helped me figure out which foods were causing inflammation for me and that helped a whole ton. this is a long-winded experience that I wanted to share for others who might be struggling and feel like they want to give up on finding natural products that work because: these face gems really rule and holy crap am I impressed by how well they work. I would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone with any skin type. these are easy to use, smell good if you enjoy sandalwood, and they work wonderfully. they let me know that these won't take off oil-based makeup, but I rarely wear any aside from around my eyes so it hasn't been an issue. I just use a face wipe and then cleanse, or just take off my eye makeup with oil. these make my face feel very clean after use, and they exfoliate gently and make your skin very soft. they also don't dry out my skin the way other cleansers I've used do. I have just been following with a rosewater/glycerin toner or one with acv/water prior to the aforementioned one if my face is feeling especially oily. I've been using for a couple weeks now and they haven't irritated my skin or broken me out at all. my face actually feels calmer after using them, which is not something you find with most products that exfoliate. okay, hopefully there will be something in here that's helpful to someone reading. to summarize: these face gems are awesome, try them!

By Lauren
16 Sep 2016

Feels good! Smells medicinal in a good way.

By Regina C
16 Sep 2016

My Feather & Bone gems came in last week, and I'm in love! I highly recommend giving these a try if you are looking to change up your skin care routine, for any reason!

By Paige J


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