How to wash your face: 4 Easy Tricks

When it comes to skincare and washing our face, we are always concerned about the products we are putting on our face or the ingredients. Although those are very important, how you wash your face when applying the soap and how you wash it off is equally important. Read on for 4 easy tricks for How to wash your face. 

Many people forget this. For most of us the routine is to apply the soap on, maybe some of us massage it, maybe some of us don’t. Then for those who are in the shower they just put their face underneath it, and for those by the sink, we splash 2-3 times and then wipe with a towel. The problem with doing it this way is we are not washing the soap off completely or applying it successfully. For example, most soaps are white/clear, so after splash and wipe, there is no true way of knowing if all the soap came off from the water we splashed or if we just wiped it off. Sometimes it is hard to tell which we did.

Below are a few tips and tricks to help you wash your face.

When applying the soap.

1) After you have put the soap on your face, using one hand for each
cheek slowly massage each cheek of your face clockwise in a circular motion. Do five counts: “1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi”. Then do the same number of counts anti-clockwise.

2) Then slowly massage each side of your nose, grazing your
cheekbones. Again five counts.

3) Lastly, using each hand, massage from your forehead to
the side of your face. Again five counts.

4) After all your massaging is over: close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

What will all this massaging do for your face?

By applying pressure on your face, you’ll:

Move the blood through congested areas.
Increase and stimulate blood flow through your face.
Give your face more oxygen. Your face has 43 muscles, so by massaging them you are giving more oxygen to them.
Be relaxed.

Once you’re are done. Then using lukewarm water start splashing your face with water. Now I know I said most of us just splash 2-3 times. But this isn’t enough to remove all the soap from your face. I recommend splashing at least 5-7 times. Water helps remove a lot of the dirt from your face too, so the extra splashing not only makes sure all the soap is off but also all the dirt has come off. This is another reason I love the Face Gems! Because they are not white, if you had brown residue on your towel you know you didn’t splash enough. With clear/white soaps it is hard to tell if you washed thoroughly. But with Face Gems you will know. This is the plus of any face wash that is colored!

After you are all splashed out just wipe your face gently and you now have a SUPER CLEAN face!

Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

• You do have the option of using rollers. But nothing beats the touch of your own soft hands.
• If you don’t want to massage your face with your cleanser, you have the option to massage it using essential oils. I personally love rose hip!
• You don’t have to massage every day. My recommendation is to massage once a week.
• But what you DO have to do everyday is wash thoroughly. That means splashing 5-7 times. Make sure to look at your towel after to see if all the soap has come off.

I personally found that my face washing skills were somewhat similar to how I did it when I was a kid. No-one told me I was doing it wrong or how I had to change it as I got older. It wasn’t until I started Feather & Bone, that I realized I had been doing it wrong this whole time. I have since learned it the right way, and I am sharing it with all of you! Let me know how these tips work for you or don’t!

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