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Breastfeeding can make the nipples sore and achy. Our 3 ingredient formula is not only safe for baby but also moisturizes and soothes mamas nipples. 

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We are 100% transparent. You know and understand exactly what you are putting on your skin. We invest in the quality of our ingredients. Why use 10+ ingredients when 3 superb ones do a better job.


  1. Ramandeep kaur (verified owner)

    I have been using the nipple balm from last several months and it works great. I pain goes away within hours of using it. I have used it several times and it didn’t disappoint me.

  2. vritika

    This was absolutely fantastic for my breasts. They would be in pain and a little bleeding after feeding. But this balm really moisturized them so they were all healed for the next time. Completely dry by the end so I didn’t need to even wipe my nipples before the next feed!

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