Your skin is an organ! Find out the number 1 reason why it is important to remember this.

Since launching the blog, I have talked so much about ingredients and the business of beauty. But this week I want to give you the back story on why I am sharing all this information.

As some of you may know, when I was 12 I had a bad reaction to a store-bought face wash. This made me rethink what I was putting on my face. I was never a beauty crazed teen. I did the usual as I – you wash your face because that’s what you do when you wake up in the morning. I never had a routine, I never even thought about it. But the reaction was a huge wake-up call.

One of the most a-ha moments I had was realizing and absorbing the fact that THE SKIN IS AN ORGAN.

I know we know this but we don’t KNOW this.

Most of us when we look at our skin think about the beauty element and how we want it to be clear, smooth, soft – look pretty.

Some of us look at it as a canvas when we wear makeup or get tattoos. Not that it is bad to think or do any of those things. But, because we forget our skin is an organ, we have unrealistic expectations of the products we use.

Remembering our skin is an organ is important because:

1) Taking care of our skin isn’t just about the products we use. It is about our full routine. Like every other organ our skin has cells that we need to feed and take care of. Hence, 100% reliance products isn’t the answer. It’s remembering all the other elements about our life that makes our skin what it is. That’s understanding our routine of eating, sleeping, stress, how it all has an impact on our skin.

It is important to remember this as we put an insane amount of pressure on products to give instant results. And when it doesn’t happen, our response is ‘oh this isn’t a great product,’ when that might not be the case. Put focus on your routine and not just on the product and then changes will long term.

When people meet me at trade shows or events, they always ask how my skin is so clear? Truth is all I have ever used is our Face Gems. But, I also make sure my full other routine of sleeping, eating etc. is on track, because if I don’t I break out too.

2) Our skin like any other organ has functions. And in order for the skin to perform its functions, it has to:

a) have a routine, because its functions don’t change.

b) have good quality ingredients used on it.

We look at our skin as a layer than needs to be beautiful. I find we put that need ahead of what our skin needs; hence an over use of products.

Truth is we are, you are already beautiful. You should never need a product or need your skin to be perfect to feel beautiful.

In fact, sometimes reactions on our skin is a way for our body to tell us something is wrong – go check it out!! For example, you can get acne for many different reasons. It can be hormones, medication, menstrual cycle, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. But, I have found we end up focusing on making the acne go away rather than asking hey is my body ok?

Hence when choosing products, ask:

1) Are these ingredients good?

2) Am I being good to my skin the organ?

And remember: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

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