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How to Use

  • POP

    Pop one tablet and place in the palm of your hand !

  • DROP

    Using your hand add 5-10 drops of water as needed and apply pressure on tablet to break to form a paste!

  • WASH

    Scoop paste from palm to massage/apply on full face and wash face !


    Rinse the paste from your face after massaging and feel the refreshing effects of Face Gems.

How to use Tutorial Apply the face wash using an Ayurveda face massage technique demonstrated by Ling from
Ling from “Spice Yoga”.
It will stimulate vital points and promote the healing and purifying properties of the product.

Each tablet is made from Ayurveda ingredients

Sandalwood: Cleanser

An antiseptic agent that gives a natural glow.

Sandalwood removes dirt from pores and relaxes your face, offering anti-aging benefits.

Fuller’s Earth: Exfoliator

Improves blood circulation while removing black heads and white heads.

Fuller‘s Earth tones the skin creating a soothing effect and brings natural oils to the skin.

Starch: Moisturizer

A natural moisturizer for both oily and dry skins that cools your face.

Starch relieves itchy skin by removing dead skin and keeps your skin fresh.
When I was 12 years old, my skin began to react poorly to store bought face wash products. But, a solution to achieve clear, fresh skin that was not possible with any products on the market.

After much testing, my mother suggested an all natural, herbal remedy, which she mixed herself. Not only did this clear my skin, but I became increasingly interested in perfecting her formula to achieve the ultimate every day face wash.

The result is Face Gems, a three ingredient, single use, travel friendly tablet that empowers and rejuvenates the face each and every day. Face Gems strips away the stresses of your day and leaves you with the clean, natural version of yourself.

Shubhangini Prakash
CEO and Founder of Feather and Bone
This product does not contain animal products of any kind.

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