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the healing balm

the balm featured in the NYTimes Wellness list. 

the healing balm

the balm featured in the NYTimes Wellness list. 

why moms love this balm

Using just 3 plant-based ingredients, this diaper balm is simply, safe and effective. It easily absorbs and melts on the skin, keeping the bum and body moisturized without irritating the skin. 

The balm is baby and adult friendly and can be used on the full body. Because it is potent a little bit goes a long way.





ingredients that nurture

With baby skin extremely sensitive, we use ingredients that are not only safe and effective but also extremely gentle. Having only 3 ingredients also helps prevent any skin reactions, and in the event of a reaction, it is quick and easy to identify the root cause. 

baby skin 101

Babies have notoriously sensitive skin because their skin is 20% thinner than adult skin.
Since their skin is thin and super sensitive, it is easy for the skin to dry out easily, get rashes, eczema, acne and other skin ailments.
This is why it is not just what ingredients that is important but also the number of ingredients  you expose your baby to. 

Our promise

tips to avoid diaper rash

Baby massaging

There are many advantages to baby massaging from creating a bond with your little one to improving blood circulation, reducing gas, aiding digestion, helping him/her relax among others.

Every mum wants to keep her baby safe. As someone who works in skincare, I am aware of ingredient-filled products. Unable to find simple and pure products for my little one, I made my own formula inspired by my Indian roots, to now share with all my fellow mommies.

After a poor reaction as a teenager to a generic face wash product, I decided to make a change. Through my curiosity, research and testing, I developed Face Gems as my go-to product, along with the cleansing routine I’ve trusted ever since!

15 reviews for Body & Diaper Balm

  1. LaShauna S (verified owner)

    Skin Type: Normal

    This balm is pure gold! Not only did it moisturize my son’s skin but it healed all the scratches he made with his sharp nails. It’s better than any cream, balm or ointment that is currently on the store shelves. A little goes a long way and one jar lasted several months. I just made my second purchase and will continue to purchase as long as it’s available.

  2. Sheila (verified owner)

    Skin Type: Dry

    Lovely product. I keep it at my desk at work and get a little hydration and self care throughout the day (oh and my kids get to use it, too!)

  3. Alyssa

    We received a care package right after we had our baby that contained the bath wash and shampoo powder, and the body and diaper balm and the soothing balm. We absolutely love these products! I will say, by far my favorite is the body and diaper balm. We use it daily on his diaper area and dry legs. The feather and bone products are our absolute favorite, we will definitely repurchase once we are out, but I don’t anticipate us running out of the diaper and body balm, container is huge and my last a while! Highly recommended, gentle, safe for both baby and mom.

  4. Julie (verified owner)

    I love it! I will definitely be ordering more in the future when I run out. I also like that the container isn’t plastic, I would love a glass jar too!

  5. Ramandeep Kaur (verified owner)

    Skin Type: Normal

    I have been using the diaper rash cream on my baby from last 1.5 months and it worked llwonders. His first rash disappeared with hours of using it. After that we have been using consistently and he didn’t get any rashes. By far this is the best diaper cream.
    FYI: I also use this for my hand and it feels amazingly soft.

  6. Merry (verified owner)

    I’ve been enjoying the balm! I mostly use it for my hands. At first the balm seemed a little hard to get out of the tin can however now I just scrape it with my finger. Anyway it is a great balm!

  7. Kim (verified owner)

    I got this as a gift for my grand-daughter. She has some issues with eczema. She really likes it…we’re pretty crunchy so we are always looking for products that don’t have poison in them.

  8. Ashley

    Skin Type: Dry

    Love this stuff!!! I use this not only on baby’s bottom but everywhere on my her body. She is 9 weeks and her skin texture is going thru a transition, it’s dry and peeling all over. I apply this at least once to twice a day and it works so well! The consistency is on point and it gets absorbed really well. I’m about to be on my second one. Highly recommend!

  9. Sneha

    This diaper balm is magic. My son had a terrible diaper rash (to the point of bleeding) and we had tried every butt cream under the sun – Desitin, Boudreaux, Calmoseptine, Balmex – and none seemed to make a difference. Once I tried this body and diaper balm his rash instantly became better overnight. I love this product and would buy again and again!

  10. Rio

    Skin Type: Dry

    There are many products out in the market but I love this one since it is truly organic and most of all my daughter loves it. She usually cries with other products but not with this one. I recommend it to all parents.

  11. Jasmine

    Highly-recommended product!
    It quickly melts on the skin to a lovely consistency that is very easily absorbed. My baby typically hates diaper changes and it can be a struggle to calm him down while he kicks, but he enjoys me rubbing this on him and it really helps the process. The balm has a lovely texture that really moisturizes his bottom preventing diaper rash. The container is attractive and light enough to slip into the diaper bag on the way out. Since his birth this balm has been a permanent feature of his diaper bag! The product does not leave any greasy marks on clothing, which is particularly great for quick diaper changes in public facilities. Great product!

  12. Insiya (verified owner)

    Really love this stuff and have been using only this since my baby was a newborn. No diaper rashes at all! Even her pediatrician was surprised saying he’s never come across a baby without a diaper rash!

  13. Michael Fonzerelli

    I have been using Diaper balm on my son since birth and it’s been great. We never experienced any diaper rash. The balm does not leave any oily streaks on clothes and as a plus, my hands feel nice and smooth right after. 10 out of 10, definitely recommend.

  14. Ridhhisha

    Skin Type: Normal

    I was looking for a very clean ingredient diaper rash balm as you use it multiple times everyday and it’s a very sensitive area. Think this is perfect for it. Very moisturising and suits my daughter’s skin. Loved it. Will recommend it 🙂

  15. vritika

    I have used this from the beginning and it has been absolutely fantastic. No diaper rash once!!!! I have used all the different brands of diapers from Honest, Hello Bello, Pampers, Huggies, Coterie, Babyganics…and no rash for any brand!!!. We love it!! It can also be used as a moisturizer and during infant massage which is great to have one product for both as I know it suits my baby so don’t need a new product that might make them break out.

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