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bath time fun without the bubbles

bath time fun without the bubbles

moms sharing wisdom

Using learnings from generations of Indian moms and Ayurveda, we created a wash that will not only cleanse and moisturize but also keep the skin safe. 

Bringing generations of moms’ love into your home. 





why a powder?

Traditional baby washes and shampoos use water and soap. But our wash skips both those ingredients.

Products that use soap as an ingredient can dry out the skin, soaps remove natural oils your skin produces as it is a degreaser. But babies don’t have natural oils yet, their skin is still developing. So using soap can actually dry their skin out versus help. 

Water is 80%-90% of the formulation for many products. But water rots, so preservatives are added to maintain shelf-life; preservatives are known irritants.

By using a powder based wash, baby skin stays moisturized without all the harmful and unnecessary ingredients.

pure ingredients

Baby skin is very delicate and sensitive because their skin is 20% thinner than adult skin.

Since their skin is thinner, it can get easily dry. This is why it is important to use gentle, moisturizing ingredients. 

To give our babies the safest wash with the best ingredients, Feather & Bone wash uses only pure plant-based ingredients, that keep their skin soft and moisturized while cleansing the germs.


how to use

Every mum wants to keep her baby safe. As someone who works in skincare, I am aware of ingredient-filled products. Unable to find simple and pure products for my little one, I made my own formula inspired by my Indian roots, to now share with all my fellow mommies.

how to use

2 reviews for Bath Wash & Shampoo Powder

  1. LaShauna S (verified owner)

    Skin Type: Normal

    I finally got a chance to use this on Easter Sunday after my husband and I dyed eggs with our son. Our son managed to get food coloring and cool whip in every nook and cranny. We normally use Honest bath gel but that didn’t even begin to remove the food coloring. I mixed up the powder as directed and applied it to his skin and in a matter of moments the food coloring began to wash away. It even got the food coloring from underneath his finger nails! It left his skin so soft and moisturized. I followed up with the diaper and body balm afterwards and he slept through the entire night. Needless to say that this has now replaced our Honest baby wash.

  2. Gina (verified owner)

    Skin Type: Dry/Eczema

    The baby wash powder along with the soothing balm was a lifesaver when my son got roseola rash all over his body. We first have him a warm bath using the baby wash powder all over his body, mainly focusing on the areas where the rash was and soaked him in the water for a few minutes. Immediately using the soothing balm after and within two baths of using both products together his rash was gone! Such a game changer and an everyday essential in our household for our baby!

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