Bump Care

Bump Care
Bump Care Bump Care Bump Care

Bump Care

Size 2.5oz




Helps prevent bump stretch-marks and itchiness. Also moisturizes bump.

How often do I need to use?

Apply twice daily on stretch-mark/bump/ new-forming area. Then massage in gently.
Apply through pregnancy even if the marks go away to prevent from new marks from forming.

How quickly will I see a difference?

For new stretch marks, the difference is noticeable within a few days. Refer to the before/after tab.

 Does it Smell?

No. It is unscented.

For all skin types. 

Suitable for pregnant women. While the ingredients are safe, we recommend check with your doctor before use.

If unsure about anything always check with your doctor before use. 


Stretch-marks are long, narrow streaks on the surface of the skin that can be raised and red colored or flat and paler/whiter.


Unfortunately no. Stretch-marks appear when the skin has been stretched too quickly. It is the skin’s defense mechanism to protect itself from sudden growth. You can try and slow down the growth, our product helps with that.


Not exactly. Stretch-marks are like a scar. While you can’t get rid of them, you can lighten the color and make it less prominent.

What you see is what you get. We are 100% transparent. You know and understand exactly what you are putting on your skin. Fear no more.


1)  Rosehip Seed Oil: Packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, that:

  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Aids in cell regeneration
  • Repairs damaged tissue
  • Stimulates collagen fibers
  • Replenishes skin cells
  • Can prevent new stretch-marks from being formed
  • Stops the progression of existing marks
  • Reduces the appearance/lighten existing ones

Sourced from: USA


2) Cocoa Butter: Rich in vitamins A, E, and stearic acid, it helps to soften stretch-marks and moisturize the skin, which can help stop bump itchiness.

Sourced from: USA

3) Candelilla Wax: Acts as a barrier and prevents loss of moisture.

Sourced from: USA

Why no water?  Water is 80%-90% of many stretch-mark products. But, water can dilute the effects of ingredients. Hence, with no water, ingredients have their true impact.

How do 3 ingredients do all of this? We invest in the quality of our ingredients. Why use 10+ ingredients when 3 superb ones do a better job.

All ingredients are 100% natural, plant-based, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free and non-gmo.

#skinconfident is not just about respecting our body and inner weird, but also the world we live in.

At Feather & Bone we are committed to respecting the most important natural resource Mother Earth has to offer. WATER

  • NO water in manufacturing. In skincare products water can be up to 80%-90% of the formulation, and through the manufacturing process there is water wastage.
  • Lower carbon emissions. Water is heavy to transport which requires more fuel resulting in increased carbon emissions to get the product to the customer. With ourproduct being waterless, our overall carbon footprint is much lower.
  • Our ingredients are earth-friendly and directly derived from nature. As a result the product residue in wastewater does not harm the environment, aquatic plant and animal life. We were recognized for this by the United Nations.
  • Since there is no water, there is NO additional carbon emissions, water wastage or product residue in wastewater, when the tubes are sent for recycling; the complete opposite for water based products.
(2 customer reviews)
  1. Zoe (verified owner)

    I was really worried about stretch marks during my pregnancy – as in, I didn’t want to get them. I used this product twice a day throughout the pregnancy and if you look at my stomach now, you wouldn’t know that I was pregnant. Not one new stretch mark!!! This product kept my stomach well moisturized. What I liked (aside from the fact that it was all natural) was the fact that the product didnt transfer to my clothes. Now I am just waiting for the product that will get rid of existing stretch marks (thanks in advance Feather & Bone).

  2. Vritika

    Hi, started using this at the beginning of pregnancy and a few weeks after. No stretch marks at all!!!! Really easy to use especially when I can’t even bend and smells great. Really helped with moisturizer my bump where my skin was really dry. Fantastic product, loved it

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